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3 ‘Magic Bullets’ that will reverse your hair loss and restore your confidence.

On the surface this may sound too good to be true, but with our PROVEN 3-Step System

You Will DISCOVER all new concepts that will help you save your your remaining hair and regrow your lost hair.

Do any of these accurately describe where you’re at in your Hair Loss Journey?

  • You’ve just started to lose your hair, even in your early 20s.
  • Your hair loss has started, it’s now speeding up.
  • You’ve already lost much hair, showing male pattern baldness.. or  lost hair  from all over the head.. ladies.
  • You’ve had a hair transplant but you’re still losing hair, ALSO from your new transplant, (You’re not informed it’s planted into the ‘hair loss hot spot’).

Notice that Federer of tennis and Arnie of bodybuilding are  visibly  losing their transplants, Sackur of BBC has lost most of his transplant plus much of  the rest of his hair. They simply  didn’t know the secrets of how to protect their expensive transplants!

  • You’ve  lost hair from unexpected  events such as chemo, alopecea, hair lice, fungal infection,  pharmaceuticals and/or stress.
  • You don’t want to give up. You wish that one day somebody will come up with a natural answer, so you can save the hair your still have, and hopefully regrow your lost hair.

If your answer is yes.. then this program is tailor-made FOR YOU!



Give me the next 2 minutes to share with you the method I’ve structured specifically to help you.You’ll now be able to stop worrying about this embarrassing situation.. losing your appearance. Isn’t that exactly what you want? Who would want to end up having to shave their head every day.. and put up with the more embarrassing question.. are you on chemo, poor chap? Surely not you?

The method I’m talking about is the 3 Step System. Here’s how it works. It’s not a side-effect-laden pharma-based system that tries to slow your DHT aging hormone that causes male pattern baldness.The Pharma product has feminizing side effects in most males such as growing breasts and impotence, and in some women, massive facial hair. It  also needs to be taken for life. Is that risk versus benefit worth it?  It’s not a combo of ineffective herbs and vitamins, nor silly food combos!  And.. it doesn’t use special shampoos and ointments that simply can’t get their nutrients into the hair roots, nor gimmicky vibrators or lasers.

Instead.. the 3 Step System is a totally different, one-of-a-kind, medical/science-based system. It addresses these 3 vital steps you must take to stop your hair loss and regrow lost hair, naturally. Only then can you finally experience the results you want.. and that surely must be the perfect solution for you!

It’s far superior to any other program..  quite simply because it’s the ONLY product on the market today that addresses these 3 vital  steps.You’ll be really  excited when you’ve saved your remaining hair and started growing new hair.

All you needed was to find the correct tools to do the job.. and this is exactly what you’ve been looking for!

Imagine the value of stopping your hair loss and regrowing lost hair, not only for your appearance, but more importantly for your peace of mind andhappiness, knowing that you’re no longer going to end up with a bald head…  nor be agonizing when to have that painful, up-to 10,000$ hair transplant.

I explain how you”ll be setting up the 3 vital steps that help and guide you to stop your hair loss in just 7 days, and stimulate lost hair to regrow.  The 3 Steps are  simple, easy and fast to implement. The clever and vital ‘active’  2nd stage takes you only 2 minutes, twice a day..  you can handle that.. right?

Here’s what two of my most happiest customers have to say about their results with the 3 Step Hair Loss System.

Poor family genetics didn’t help me.

Hungarian Grandpa Alex

At 29, showing very early genetic marks, from the effects of his aging/balding hormone.. DHT

My Dad Zoltan

In his early 50s almost completely bald, and spending all day trying to hide it.

Here’s what I tried

One day.. I happened to run into Peter Lavac.

Starting Out Now

I had started to lose much hair by the age of 52

After 10 years

Hair loss had stopped and some new hair had regrown – 62 years old


With nearly a full head of healthy hair. Some color has been lost, but the tiny gap in the upper-back of the head had nicely filled in..

Tried to Stop Hair Loss? Do you know why you FAILED?

It’s Scientifically IMPOSSIBLE to Stop Hair Loss & Regrow Lost Hair.. Without a 3-Step Approach. Even a hair transplant is lost if not ‘protected’.

Ever tried to fill a bucket full of holes? You’ll only be able to fill it up once the holes are sealed.. otherwise it’s a losing game. And that’s what’s wrong with hair loss treatments today as they are trying to stop hair loss and grow new hair but  are unaware that 11 agents are speeding hair loss by silently causing a lot of damage to your scalp and hair follicles. There’s no way your hair loss will stop, or new hair will regrow..unless you successfully eliminate all 11 damaging agents.

Now You Can  Be Confident You Can Leave Baldness Behind Once and for ALL!

Step 1:  Discover..  how to completely eliminate these 11 damaging agents from your life and put the brakes on your hair loss once and for all.  During my testing, whenever I re-introduced any one of these.. even with Steps 2 and 3 fully implemented, hair loss re-started and new hair stopped growing!

Step 2:   Learn.. how his vital Step opens-up your  blood vessels closed up from the effects of your aging hormone DHT. This will allow nutrients and oxygen to reach your starving hair roots.. When I first followed the instructions for this step I felt a fine tingling in my scalp. My assumption was that it’s the feeling of the blood vessels opening up and blood stream starting to reach the hair follicles. That’s just my assumption though.

The proof was when I stopped my hair loss and started to notice new hair growth in my bald spots. It was the best feeling ever! This clever, simple  Step was 1st developed by  Peter Lavac and his team, and fine-tuned by me. This means that I won’t be selling you any pills or lotions.You just don’t need any of those now for 100% success!

The most powerful pharmaceutical prescribed for hair loss takes half a year to reduce DHT by 68%. It’s not always successful as other factors are not addressed. (See our Step 1). The pharmaceuticals have serious feminizing side effects in males, such as growing breasts. and irreversible impotence!! Ladies sometimes grow massive facial hair.  Manufacturers claim that  less than 2% of users have side effects.., but in real life that’s 200,000 unlucky, newly impotent men. Why chance it when you have a natural alternative?

Note.  Medical Herbalists  prescribe 3 natural substances for DHT-caused prostate enlargement in the older male.. These are  pumpkin seed oil, nettle root extract and saw palmetto. These do slow prostate enlargement but simply have no effect on hair loss.. due to their very mild effects.

Step 3: Learn about the correct nutrients that will help stop your hair loss and aid in growing new hair..  The first 2 steps were all about eliminating the bad stuff and reversing the harmful effects. Now, it’s time to provide the vital nutrients for the hair roots. But it’s not as simple as just taking a  handful of supplements. There’s a specific food you need to take, in the correct manner for achieving that full head of hair  you so badly want  Your needed nutrients exist  in one complete food, that has been designed by nature, and not in a lab. The specific  benefits are unknown to dieticians and docs.

Various gadgets are claimed to stop hair loss and stimulate hair re-growth. These are lasers, massagers and vibrators. These may well allow some nutrients to reach hair roots to slow hair loss. But.. as they  miss out on our  vital 1st and 3rd Steps.. hair loss will continue and new hair simply cannot grow.

NOTE 1.  The  3 Step system is ineffective if you have:  Alopecia, an auto-immune balding disease mainly in the under 20s; a fungal, bacterial or viral  scalp infection causing balding, found mainly in people with a weakened immune system like in poorly managed diabetes, HIV/AIDS or exposure to people or pets who have an infection; scalp psoriasis; heavy use of antibiotics;  chemotherapy for cancer.. After you have cleared up any of these the 3 Step System will be effective.. Hair will not grow on  scar tissue from a previous hair transplant.

NOTE 2.  Guarantee. You can be rest assured that your investment is as safe as houses. However, we would like to clearly state that we’ll process your refund only when you provide a valid and justifiable reason that you tried your level best but still you didn’t get the desired results.  We’re part of Worlwide Inc. Ltd. Suite 2003, 20Fl., China HK City Twrs., 33 Canton Rd. TST, Kowloon, SAR.

STOP Your Hair Loss.. Once And For All!!

Think about it for a minute…

* How much have you already spent to solve your hair loss problem?

* Have you bought anti-hair loss shampoos, lotions, medicines, pills or gadgets recently?

* Did it solve your problem? If you’re problem was solved.. you wouldn’t be reading this, would you?

* Chances are you’ll still be anxious.. still spending and still searching for a fix. There are people who’ve spent hundreds and some of even thousands and got little to no results at all. There are people who’d jump at the chance to fix their embarrassing hair loss problem once and for all …for a one time payment of US$150.00.

BUT … ‘m not going to charge you US$150.00.  Is US$100.00 a fair price to finally stop your hair loss? Yes? Well,  I’m not gong to charge you US$100.00 either.

I will charge you even less than half of that.. my  current discounted price of  US$47.50..  and that comes with my 30 day money back guarantee.  Isn’t that a win win for you!  This price can go up at any time.. so lock in your discount right now. 

You’re losing 100 hairs every day..  just thinking about taking action. WHY end up nearly bald with a little fluff above the ears. You don’t want that. I didn’t, so I took action.  I went through my ordeal so you would never have to.

Is it really smart to keep paying the hairdresser this tiny amount each time.. to try to hide your balding?  Bruce Willis may  look sexy with a bald, shaved top.. will you? 

With this AFFORDABLE solution staring you right in the face, don’t  miss this chance. Don’t end up blaming yourself!  Keep in mind that in the very unlikely event this one time investment in your appearance doesn’t work for you, I’ll give you a full refund.

This time next year, you’re going to look back and congratulate yourself on making the smart decision to gift yourself these unique protocols.. so that you could discover the secrets that helped you become a winner.

So what are you waiting for..  go on and click  the “START NOW!” button, and discover everything you need to know from my TTHairSolutions.. to help you get that handsome head of hair you deserve.

Thank you for reading this letter. I’m Tom Turek.

Author of this  3 Step System.   Author of the 1st. Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer ‘Exercise and Diet Certification’, 1974.   Registered in a Specialty of Naturapathic Medicine.   Reiki Master.   Owned/Operated a Chain of Fitness Clubs in the Far East for over 30 years..

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